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2020/21 has been a very difficult time for all of us. It especially hit hard for those who were affected by the civil unrest last year in Minneapolis, MN. Especially the Seward and Longfellow neighborhoods. So, when the Redesign, Inc. Volunteer Opportunity was presented to me I jumped at the chance to give back. This was the chance to use the skills I've developed over the course of my career and try to help my community in need. Since last October I have been involved with a few Optum and Unitedhealthcare volunteers who took the Redesign Inc., website refresh project and dedicated almost 100 hours to helping them redo their website with a new targeted focus. We launched the site over the weekend on May 1st. I am so proud of the work we did and hope this helps transform these neighborhoods back to the vibrant communities we know they are capable of being.​​​​​​​
Responsive Design
What is the why?
What problem(s) are we solving?
Previously Seward Redesign, now Redesign, Inc. has expanded to include surrounding areas like the greater Longfellow neighborhood. Redesign Inc. does not have the same name recognition and would like to grow the reach to include more areas.
The current design is hard to digest Redesign's services and resources. There is a lot of good content but it is invisible and not intuitive. Content is buried and doesn't reflect the full extent of the portfolio of work.
There were UX challenges throughout the website. For example, the Emergency Intake Form was hard to use and the site did not target its primary audience.
Previous Website
Showcase Redesign Inc.,
One of the biggest problems with the previous website was the lack of projects showcasing the work by Redesign Inc. We worked with Brigid on highlighting the diversity of work completed by the organization and its partners. This will show the potential investors the potential and energize business owners looking for real estate and space to house their businesses.
"Chris did excellent work in realizing Redesign's brand identity, modernizing old content, and creating a clean and easy-to-navigate site for our breadth of stakeholders. He was patient and responsive, and an overall positive person to work with. Our small organization would not have been able to make this big change without his expert consulting, and we are so thankful to have had this support during a critical time. Thanks Chris!"
- Brigid Higgins She/Her/Hers
Program Manager, Corridor Activation
Seward Redesign, Inc.
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